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How to Tell If News Is Worth Trading

By Sean Hyman “How often have you heard you can make XXX% just by reading the newspaper and then trading that news in the Forex market? I know I’ve seen that countless places over the last few years.

Unfortunately, the reality is not quite so easy.

A Currency Portfolio Built for the Next 2-3 Years!

By Sean Hyman

The best currency traders that I know don’t concentrate on what’s happening right now. They don’t get focus on the present, or get hung up on the daily price action.

Instead, they peer into the future and predict what will happen in the currencies markets months ahead of time. Then they build a portfolio that will benefit as that scenario starts to become a reality.

Three Major Currencies to Own

By Sean Hyman Oil is slowly inching back up. In fact, the world’s favorite commodity has almost doubled off of its US$33 lows when it hit US$60 a barrel recently.

Of course, as a currency trader, I want to know, “Which currencies should prosper the most if oil holds above US$60?”

In the majors, I see three right off the bat that will shoot up later this year if gold can hold its current uptrend.

A Nightmare Scenario for One Currency Pair

(And an IDEAL Shorting Opportunity)…

By Sean Hyman As I was sifting through my charts this past week, one jumped out to me BIG TIME, and I wanted to share it with you. It was if the planets had aligned technically AGAINST one currency pair.

Which pair? The USD/JPY pair! (Or buying the dollar and shorting the yen.)

Even Smaller Than a Pip…

Why Fractional Pips Should Be Seen and Not Traded

By Sean Hyman Pips are often called the smallest increment of currency you can trade in Forex – technically four places beyond the decimal place for most currency pairs.

So if you’re already counting currency movements when they move just .0001, why would you need fractional pips anyway? Let me explain.

Your NEW Paycheck Is in the Mail

More Forex Trades that Pay You Income…No Forex Account Required

By Sean Hyman During a recession, everyone is looking for a little extra income. And many investors are turning to dividends to get that income.

Your Paycheck’s in the Mail

How to Buy Currency Trades that Pay “Dividends” Part I

By Sean Hyman In stock investing, there are “growth” investors and “income” investors. But did you know that the vast majority of growth stocks don’t offer dividends at all? (And for the ones that do offer dividends – you have to shop around to find yields worth your time.)

Did you know that with currencies, you can have the best of both worlds? It’s true. You can have something that grows nicely AND reaps a decent income stream too.

A Crash Course in Online Forex Trading

How to Use a Demo Account to Start Trading Faster

By Sean Hyman Yesterday, I introduced you to the idea of opening a Forex “practice account” so you can hone your Forex trading skills.

12:00 Noon Friday

A Deadline for All Forex Traders

By Sean Hyman

Fridays are a bit odd for every market.

For stocks and commodities, the big-name traders are gearing up for the weekend. They’re buckling down and deciding whether to hold positions when the markets are closed on Saturday and Sunday, or close out everything to avoid any large price jumps over the weekend.

It’s the same in Forex.

Following the BIG Money

Two Free Ways to Copy Forex Pros’ Best Moves

By Sean Hyman Anyone who’s been trading Forex for any length of time will tell you it pays to know where the big money is headed.

In other words, you want to know where the biggest banks, hedge funds, and other market movers are investing their cash, so you can jump on their trades and grab profits when they do. (Trust me – it’s MUCH easier to ride a trend than try to fight the market.)