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Forget “Death By Stereotype”

By Ashish Advani

If you’ve tuned in to pretty much any of the news organizations lately, you’ve heard about how we’re recovering in the United States.

You’ve heard about green shoots. You’ve seen all the newly promising data. You’ve heard a President, Fed Chief and Treasury Secretary trying to convince you about how sturdy the financial ground is.

3 Currencies Selling at a 17% Discount

Today I want shed some light on the commodity currencies and the impressive rally we’ve seen lately…

As you probably know commodity currencies started rallying hard this past March (along with just about every other asset under the sun).

The Latest in Swiss Intervention

As you may know, I’ve been following the Swiss central bank intervention story for the past couple of months now. In fact, I predicted the first intervention. (You can read the full story on that here.)

This is huge folks. The Swiss National Bank hasn’t intervened like since 1992. The Swiss central bankers are jumping in the markets because they’re concerned about one currency pair…

Where You’ll Find the Next Gold Bull Market

I’m in Copenhagen this morning…an absolutely beautiful city. I’ve been coming here since 1996 when I opened my first private baking relationship with The Bank of Copenhagen – later sold by its parent, Swedish furniture giant, Ikea.

This morning, I sold some U.S. dollars for Danish krone. As usual when traveling abroad, I received a pittance for my dollars in exchange. No surprise on that score…

$1,300 Gold Is Coming

By Sean Hyman

As I often say, it’s always good for currency traders to watch where money is flowing around the world. If you know where investment money is flowing, you know which currency is about to get a windfall.

The same can be said about gold.

FX 101: The Most Fool-Proof Charting Trick in Forex

By Sean Hyman

Plenty of first-time Forex traders are turned off by currency charts.

But the truth is, charting techniques don’t have to be impossible. You don’t have to use retracement levels, Fibonacci, or Elliot Wave Theory if you don’t want to.

The Ultimate Stock Cheat Sheet

By Sean Hyman As many of you know, the foreign currency market is my domain. I’ve been a professional Forex trader and instructor for years, so everything I do in the financial markets revolves around foreign currencies in some way.

A Tale of Two Exotics

By Ashish Advani I want to take you on a tour today of two of the most popular exotic currencies in the Forex market. These currencies happen to be complete opposites in almost every way.

The first currency offers some of the most compelling long-term buying opportunities in the world right now with healthy balance sheets, wealthy benefactors, and a positive long-term growth story.

Three Secrets to Higher Option Profits

By Sean Hyman As you know, I’m a Forex guy, through and through. I spend my days watching the Forex charts and skimming pips off my favorite currency pairs.

But before I was a Forex trader, I first traded stocks professionally and then later I traded options. So I’ve ran the gamut when it comes to investing.

Why Any Housing Bottom is Bad News for the Buck

By Chris Gaffney Currency traders dumped the dollar once again yesterday. The reason? A report came out yesterday that showed new home sales rose the most in eight years.