Jack Crooks

Why the Dolts on Wall Street May Rescue the Dollar

It’s cold and raining outside. It’s damp and dark, and I’m in a foul and dark mood. But it’s not because I’m getting used to the Alaskan weather in my new home.

It’s because I keep watching the dollar fall farther. Today, the dollar actually hit the lowest it’s been since August of 2008.

You Can’t Pay Me Enough to Trade This Cross…

In currencies, you can buy a pair just as easily as you can short a pair. …and usually I’ll have an opinion on which way I’d rather trade a pair.

I’ll buy if I’m bullish on a particular currency pair, and think it’s heading higher OR I’ll short it if I believe the pair is heading lower. That’s why I’m open to buying or shorting most Forex pairs either way.

Uncle Sam’s “Invisible Tax”

And How to Legally Avoid It

Some experts call it the “government’s invisible tax.” You have been paying it for years…whether you know it or not.

You’re Living in the New Japan

Back in the day when the carry trade was in full force, traders all around the world were looking to sell the yen. They basically rented the yen to buy other high yielding currencies like the Aussie dollar, New Zealand dollar and British pound.

An Uncomfortable Truth

Here’s an uncomfortable truth for you: Bankers here in the U.S. still refuse to lend.

As I told you yesterday, just my own personal banker refused 40 different loan seekers this year. He’s refusing loans for one reason: The economy just isn’t recovering as the powers that be would like to believe.

What I Learned from a 20-Minute Conversation that Could Save Your Portfolio

A couple weeks back, I sat down with my own personal banker. He works for one of the largest banks of the world. But I wasn’t there to open a new checking account or refinance my mortgage.

I was there to get a little inside intel on this so-called “recovery” we have heard so much about in the news lately.

Attention Short Sellers

Not many people outside the industry know this, but I moderate a huge online forum for Forex traders. Every day, traders write in their thoughts on what’s happening with the currency markets around the world.

So I have my finger to the pulse of what traders are thinking not just here in the U.S., but in Europe and Asia as well.

Attention Dollar Bears

Here Are Four Long-Term Strategies to Dump Your Dollars Now

Can you feel it? The tension against the dollar is rising by the day.

We’re seeing dollar bears in the most unusual places (Will Mr. Obama please stand up?)…and investors are getting squeamish about holding just dollars in their accounts with each passing day.