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Another Snub Against the Buck

The Latest Way the World Is Dissing the Dollar and Why You Should Too

Three Winners with the Same Cross

Why You Should Be Trading This Gem

How Much Your Dollar Buys in the FX Market vs. the Real World

As you guys know, I’m a trader. I eat, sleep and breathe the $5 trillion forex spot market on any given day.

But that’s just my day job.

Four Things to Know Before You Invest Abroad

This is my last communiqué from the ground in Los Cabos…and I want to use it to tell all you currency enthusiasts how to invest abroad.

Remember technically any foreign stock or bond play is an investment in foreign currencies too.

As you know, Forex is one of the most profitable ways to hedge against the dying dollar.

Three Innovations that Make It a Snap (and Much Safer) to Enter the Currency Markets

Just a decade ago, if you wanted to venture into the largest, most liquid market in the world – the foreign currency market – your options were pretty limited.

Forbidden Currency Options

(Plus, the One Sure-Bet Currency for 2010)