Jack Crooks

What “Diversification” Means in a Forex Account

(Or, Why Trading Just the Buck Could Hurt Your FX Account)

The Calm Before the Storm

How One Charting Pattern Can Predict the Next Breakout Move in Currencies

Why Traditional Forex Trading Is Dead and Has Been for 17 Years!

Get ready traders because I’m about to tell you something that no one…not your broker…not a Forex robot…not a systems trader…or even your know-it-all Wall Street brother…will tell you.

The fact is that Forex trading as you know it, is dying a slow miserable death. In fact, it signed its death warrant 17 years ago when the market opened their doors to the retail public and flooded the market with new FX traders.

The Currencies of the Future

Could These Elite Currencies Replace the Dollar?

A few years back, I went to college here in the U.S., but I would still fly home every summer to spend some time with my family in Brazil.

What to Do When the Entire World Is Bearish on the Buck

I find it interesting (and a bit disturbing) that once again the dollar’s decline is on everyone’s radar.

“Investors at all levels, from retail investors to central banks, are really diversifying their portfolios,” Bloomberg reported this morning.

In other words, everyone from central bankers down to Mom and Pop investors are dumping dollars and buying gold and other currencies instead.

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