Jack Crooks

Sprint to the Finish

I love watching all the Olympic competitions, but the 4×100 meters relay is definitely one of my favorites.

It all comes down to one single moment: the passing of the baton! If it falls, is all over! The dream of an Olympic medal goes down the drain.

Call Brazil’s Bluff!

What a waste of time and effort!

Yesterday, the Brazilian government announced measures to hold down the soaring Brazilian real (BRL). The politicians are trying to stem the tide of rising speculators betting on the real.

The biggest change they introduced was imposing a 2% IOF tax on capital inflows, for both fixed income investments and equities. (IOF is Portuguese for a tax on financial operations.)

30 Years of Dollar Debt…

How to Technically Trade the Dollar’s Demise

As many of you know, I wear two hats here at World Currency Watch.

I talk to all of you several times a week here in FX University, and then I also chat with my “Chart of the Day” subscribers five days a week in video form.

Lip Service Moves Markets

This past Tuesday, I was listening to a speech from one of the Bank of England’s Deputy Governor’s, Charles Bean.

During his speech, he announced, “asset prices and improved confidence may be signs that the central bank’s bond purchases are working.”

Okay, no biggie there. I expect central bankers to toot their own horn a bit whenever something appears to be working for them.

Why the Dolts on Wall Street May Rescue the Buck II

The dolt mentality is alive and well on Wall Street.

The same guys who thought subprime securities were a sound long-term investment, who leveraged the real estate market up to the hilt, and then expected Wall Street to bail them out, now have a new guiding principle.

It goes something like this…