Jack Crooks

The $10 Trillion Dollar Bill

promised you currency notes from the Offshore Advantage Seminar in Los Cabos, Mexico this week. Today, I’m turning you over to our conference insider, Patrick Bove…

-Kat Von Rohr, Editor
FX University Daily

Patrick: After 24 hours in Los Cabos I’m already feeling richer. Bill Gates, eat your heart out, I’m a TRILLIONAIRE!

Escape from America

As you’re probably well aware already, the last decade has seen an alarming trend in which the U.S. government has slowly but surely snatched up the freedoms of its citizens.

Passport restrictions…investment restrictions…a full-scale war on financial centers…

Three Secrets to Higher FX Profits In 2010

(Or, My Top 3 FX Profit Signals for Q4)

Those who know me know that I combine fundamentals and technicals to identify the best trading candidates in the foreign-exchange market.

Of course, any Forex trader will tell you that’s easier said than done.

Hey, Can You Spare a Dollar?

Imagine that you’ve been borrowing from a specific bank for years because they give you lower rates. Now, all of the sudden, a new bank comes into town and offers even lower rates.

Would you switch banks? I would!

But of course I’m not really talking about banks. I’m talking about currencies.

India Motors Along (Literally)

When I was growing up in India, the common traffic joke was:

How does an Indian cross the street?

Answer: He waits till he is born in his next birth across the street.

The sad part is they were only partially kidding. I can still remember how hard it was to cross Bombay’s streets when I lived there as a student.