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Treasury Bubble Alert! Why the World's Most Overlooked Bubble Continues to Grow

By Ashish Advani

I have been talking to you about the Treasury bubble that has been inflating for years now. Today I want to give you a look at how this bubble reached epic proportions in just the last two years.

The rate of increase took on dramatic proportions in September 2008 with the collapse of Lehman Brothers. Now you will ask me – Ashish, what has Lehman Brothers got to do with the Treasury Bubble?

Excellent question!

Stagflation Coming in 2010! How to Cash in on the Worst Inflation Since the '70s

By Sean Hyman

Investors are in for a rude awakening this year.

The fact is we are about to enter a very strange, rare period in financial history. If the past is any indication, this new period in history will affect every investment you place this year. But unfortunately, most investors have no idea it’s coming yet.

It’s called stagflation – something we haven’t seen in the U.S. since the ‘70s. But it’s very likely we will see it again later this year.

Pro-Dollar Fund Sells Out! Why the World's Biggest Traders are Betting on a Dollar Rally

By Kat Von Rohr

A quiet story is developing in the currency world this month. So quiet that you won’t see this story splashed across Bloomberg or scrolling across a CNBC screen.

Indeed our own in-house researchers are currently contacting inside representatives at an official Federal Agency for more details as they become available.

So I can’t tell you everything yet. But I can say this developing story will impact all your dollar-based investments this quarter…and possibly next quarter.

The best Latam currency in 2010 may not be the Brazilian real

Every December my dad sends me some cash as Christmas present. And it’s always the same amount in Brazilian real. So I bear all the currency risk. Luckily in 2009, because of an incredible performance of the Brazilian real, my Christmas gift was much better than in 2008.


Where the World's Money Is Headed in 2010...Part II

By Sean Hyman

Want a lesson in earning the biggest gains in the Forex market?

I’m talking about gains as high as 99% - 200% on single trades. Gains that barely seem possible in our 2010 monster-sized Forex market.

I assure you, these types of profits are possible. But you must follow one simple rule…

Rule #1 in FX Trading: You should ALWAYS pair the highest yielding currencies with the lowest yielding currencies.

Where the Money Is Headed in 2010...Part I

By Sean Hyman

To a Forex trader, yield is absolutely everything.

FX traders chase after the currencies with the highest interest rates because they want a higher return on their investment. They also tend to dump currencies with the lowest rates.

This means money floods into the currency with the highest interest rate and pushes up that currency’s value. At the same time, money drains from currencies with the lowest rates, so those currencies tend to drop in value.

Why Both Currency Investors & FX Traders Should Care about Rates

By Sean Hyman

Last week was “interest rate decision” week all around the world.

The following central banks reported interest rates this week: the Swiss National Bank (SNB), Bank of England (BOE), Reserve Bank of New Zealand (RNZ) and the Bank of Canada (BOC). Phew!

After a week of activity, here’s where the major banks now stand…

Stock market shows stronger ties between Brazil and China

By Evaldo Albuquerque

As developed nations suffer with ballooning debt levels, we will see closer economic relations among emerging markets. The relation between China and Brazil is a good example. This year China already replaced the U.S. as Brazil’s top export destination.

In the coming years, economic integration between the two emerging market heavyweights should grow in strategic importance, as China seeks to consolidate its access to mineral resources.

The Anti-Printing Press Currency

By Andrew Packer

We didn’t always have government-run fiat money.

Indeed, money has evolved over the centuries because free-thinking individuals needed a common medium of exchange for their goods and services.

My Three-Step Checklist to Refine Your Forex Research

By Sean Hyman

As an FX trader, I know how difficult it is to sort through all the economic news and find key trading themes for currencies.

After all, you can flip on your computer screen at any time 24 hours a day and constantly monitor news coming from Indonesia, Australia, Mexico and everywhere in between.

In fact, some traders call it “analysis paralysis” because if you watch too much news, you actually won’t be able to move forward and actually place trades.