Jack Crooks

Nice Try - Brazilian Central Bank, No Dice!!

As we had expected, the Brazilian Central Bank (BCB) did hike its policy rate last week to 9.50%, a 75 basis hike rather than the market expectation of 50 basis points. I expect inflation to moderate in the coming months and inflation expectations to hover around the 4.5% target. Political considerations will also continue to play a part in future rate hikes. I believe that we will see acceleration of the rate hikes as we see stronger evidence of demand driven inflation.
All of the BCB board members agreed that:

The Ultimate Contrarian Play: 6 Reasons Why I’m Avoiding the Aussie in the Short-Term

By Evaldo Albuquerque

Yes, you read that right!

You’re probably thinking I’m crazy considering the Aussie dollar has been on a tear for over a year. But there are good reasons to be careful about buying Aussie, especially if you’re trading in the Forex market.

(And to be clear, I am indeed addressing you as a trader about this move.)

"Change is in the Air"...Not Obama's Change, But a Trend Change!

By Sean Hyman

"Change is coming to America", Obama said. Well, while I'm not so sure those "changes" are the best...however, I do want to talk to you about another change that I think you will like. It's the "change" in the 3 year-long downtrend in the USD/JPY pair! Check it out below.

New Packaging, Same Lame Currency

By Kat Von Rohr

Looks like Old Ben is getting another facelift.

Last week, Treasury Secretary Geithner announced that the Treasury is redesigning the U.S. $100 bill. This new and improved Benjamin will be released into circulation on February 11, 2011.

Why the new look? Simple. The Treasury wants to continue their concentrated effort against counterfeiters, and the U.S. dollar is the most counterfeited currency in the world.

Goldman lawsuit is no biggie, at least not in the short-term!

When the news first broke out that Goldman Sachs was being sued by the SEC, I couldn’t understand the market reaction. All assets, except the dollar, Treasuries, and yen suffered a correction. So I started asking myself what was the big deal. Could this news be a “trend changer”? Could this news really lead to a major market correction?

Major Trend Change Coming for the First Time in Three Years!

By Sean Hyman

Every day, I scan through my charts looking for any new major technical changes as I scan over about 30+ pairs.

Here's one that looks interesting to me. The USD/JPY has recently made a trend change. In fact, why this is so "monumental" to me is because this trend just changed this month after having been in a downtrend for the last 3 years straight! Check it out on the chart below.

The ‘70s Are Back! (In Forex, Not Fashion)

By Kat Von Rohr

Sitting in a crowded theatre last weekend, I kept thinking we are just repeating the 70s, one financial stumbling block at a time.

I was seeing a local production of Neil Simon’s comedy, Prisoner on Second Avenue.

In case you’ve never seen it, it’s the story of a New York City couple who run into hard times, when the husband loses his job, gets robbed, and then has to watch his wife become the breadwinner.

China Property Bubble...and How It's Affecting the Yuan

By Ashish Advani

The one fear that resonates in the hearts of the global growth trackers is the property price bubble in China. If there is one major overhang, it is whether the Chinese government can halt this bubble without crushing the red hot economy. And further more, do they have the will to stop this hurtling train?

What No One Will Tell You About the Dollar in 2010 (Hint: But All the Biggest, Most Respected Investors Already Know)

By Kat Von Rohr

A silent stampede is taking place on Wall Street. While most investors cling to the hope of a rising stock market – some of the world’s wealthiest traders are doing something else.

With each passing week, they’re funneling billions into the most hated… beaten-down investment in the world: the U.S. dollar.

Don’t believe me?