Jack Crooks

Oil - The Commodity that will not stay down

I will let you on to a secret today. I have been buying a lot more Oil than I had planned on. This kind of bargain prices on Oil will not last for long.

The price of Oil has only one way - UP!!!

And here is why...

Here's one vote for a Double-Dip Recession!

I keep hearing the Federal Reserve officials continue to talk about how the recovery is slow but is still happening. Each of their speeches seem to act like they are trying to patch up the holes in the investor sentiment by telling them that everything is okay out there.

Volatility acts as "fuel" to the yen!

As stocks plunged recently due to a stock market glitch, I watched the yen soar that day. I was also reminded of how much the yen feeds off of volatility when I looked over at the Volatility Index ($VIX) and saw how tightly they've been correlated. Check it out on the chart below. (Click on the chart to enlarge it).

The One Asian Currency NOT to Buy!

Dear Reader,

Hi there again folks!

You have known me for a while and you have read through several of my writings on Asia and Asian currencies.

You know that I am a great bull when it comes to Asia. I am very bullish on the growth story emerging from Asia and all that it brings with it. And when I talk about Asia, I am not talking just about China and India. I consider Asia, Ex Japan. And I have chronicled growth stories in Singapore, Vietnam, Korea, Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan and many other such countries.

Gold and dollar are showing unusual correlation

By Evaldo Albuquerque


China is tapping on the Brakes & Shanghai Stocks are Headed to 2,000 or Lower!

China's economy has started to spur some serious inflation and their government knows it. They're trying to "tap on the brakes". They've raised the bank reserve requirements in order to squelch a lot of the lending to businesses and consumers alike. They're trying to prevent a real estate bubble at the same time. So they've got to do something...and fast!

Euro Zone Crisis Overdone


I have benn writing to you for some time that this Greek and Euro crisis is blown completely out of proportion. The obsession that the US (and by default the world) has with Greece is outrageous at best.

Let's put things in perspective:

Chinese Stocks Just Started Their New Downtrend!

By Sean Hyman

A lot has been said about the Chinese growth story. In fact, its huge growth has been partially credited for keeping the global recession from getting any worse than it did.

Also, Australia’s GDP never went into negative territory during the global recession so they never entered that recession. A lot of the reason they never entered the recession was due to the demand from China.

Euro crisis is sending important message about the yen

In the midst of this euro crisis, there’s one other currency that caught my attention: the Japanese yen. Every forex trader knows that the yen tends to appreciate when there’s a major global risk event. And a risk of contagion and sovereign debt default in Europe could not be a better example of a global risk event.