Jack Crooks

Forget the Dollar!

Three Reasons Why More Forex Traders Are Avoiding the Dollar Altogether…

As the world’s reserve currency, the dollar is a major part of both international trade and daily spot trading in the Forex market. In fact, it’s estimated that the dollar makes up 1/3 of all trading in the Forex market on any given day.

The “Other” $1,000 Gold

Why Gold’s Overlooked Cousin Will Leap Another 26% This Year

Never Been a Better Time for Stop-Losses

How to Protect Every Trade You Place from Now On

You can say anything you want about the latest run-up in the markets. You can say all the markets are drunk on these newfound “green shoots’…or traders are on a “sugar high” as all assets continue to climb…or you could argue this is actually the start of a sustained recovery.

How I Made 50% Proving My Friend Wrong

Almost a year ago, a fellow Forex trader and I got into a debate.

My friend said that someone couldn’t make any money in the Forex market without using a huge amount of leverage. In other words, you couldn’t make money trading foreign currencies without risking a lot of your cash.

Attention Stock Guys: Don’t Bother Buying this “Currency Play”

My stock buddy has recently fallen in love with foreign currencies…just not trading them in the Forex market as I do.

No instead, he’s buying international stocks. As I mentioned yesterday, he called me recently to find how I choose my foreign currency trades. I told him you always want to pick a stock from the strongest fundamentally strong country.

A NEW Way to “Buy Currencies” Through Your Stock Account

(No ETFs Required)

I have a buddy in the industry that’s a heck of a stock picker.

I’ve met very few stock investors like him. He just has a knack for finding the pockets of value in the markets, even when stocks were bleeding last year.

A New Reason to Buy the Loonie

Confession: I always love to read about the central bank gatherings.

Whether it’s an all-out European Central Bank meeting or just an informal grouping of Fed-Heads, there is ALWAYS interesting currency information you can learn from these meetings.

The Latest “Day Trader” Playground

Remember the “day trader mania” when the Internet and Tech bubbles hit back in the late 90s? Remember the Chinese stock market bubble back in 2007 when daytraders couldn’t get their hands on enough China shares?

Well there’s a new “day trader playground” in town in 2009. Only this time it’s in Russia…

Your Trader “Training Wheels”

My #1 Forex-Trading Trick

My students are always after me to teach them how to use key technical indicators.

Your Stock Buddies Won’t Believe This…

Years ago, before I was a Forex trader, I did the usual trader stint in the stock market. I watched P/E ratios, tracked company performance and tried to analyze which company might rise next.

Of course, it was my job at the time and I did alright with my trades. But the truth is my portfolio would have performed so much better had I known what I know now. I’ll get to that in a second.