Jack Crooks

The New “Recovery Currency”

By Ashish Advani As an exotic Forex trader, I’m constantly searching the globe for opportunities in the world’s smallest, most overlooked economies.

Crush the Forex Learning Curve

By Sean Hyman When you’re new to Forex, you should definitely keep your charts simple. That way, as I tell my Forex students, you can’t mess up as easily. Plus, you want to use the simplest, most straightforward charting techniques possible.

The Truth Behind the Numbers

TIC Data Reveals All

By Ashish Advani TIC Data tells us how foreigners are funding our U.S. debt. The headline April TIC or “Treasuries International Capital number (net purchases of long term securities) reduced to +US$11.2 Billion from the +US$55.4 Billion recorded in March.

The Power of MACD

3 Separate Ways to Use My FX Favorite Profit Trigger

By Sean Hyman As I’m sure you know, every Forex trader uses different tools to predict where the Forex markets are heading next. I personally have two main technical indicators I use to choose my Forex trades. One is the “slow stochastic” I introduced you to last week.

Dollar Horrors & Loonie Tunes: When to Buy the Loonie and Dump Your Dollars

By Sean Hyman You may have heard us call the Canadian dollar “the loonie” here in FX University on occasion. That’s because our neighbors to the north nicknamed their currency after the Canadian Loon depicted on their dollars and coins.

Not the Wisest Time to Hold Dollars…

By Chuck Butler Man, I sure stirred up the hornet’s nest yesterday. If you caught my article, I told you all about what a farce the jobs report was, and what a feeble job the media did in reporting the “real numbers.”

Given the response, I’d say most of my readers had their eyes on the jobs report. And that’s all I’m going to say about that…

Why You SHOULD Care What’s Happening in Latvia

(And How You Can Profit…)

By Ashish Advani Latvia’s currency is called the Lat (LVL) and in case you haven’t heard, the currency, and indeed the entire country are facing significant pressures these days.

With its external debt rising to 128% of GDP, Latvia’s problem was they drank a bit too much of the ‘cheap credit’ Kool-aid major countries were passing around the last few years.

Fibs Don't Lie!

How to Use the Most Elusive Forex Secret to Grab More Winning FX Trades

By Sean Hyman As you may know, I’ve taught currency courses to fellow colleagues in the industry and novice Forex traders for years.

In my classes, once I get past the basic “this is a currency pair” and “this is a trend line,” my students always inevitably want to know about Fibonacci.

If I Tried This, I’d Go to Jail…

By Ashish Advani The U.S. Federal Reserve announced a while back that they will buy U.S. Treasuries. Now that is very nice and convenient. In order to fund the spending habit, the U.S. Treasury will issue IOU’s and the U.S. Federal Reserve will buy those IOU’s.

My Personal FX Profit Trigger

How I know When to Buy and Sell…

By Sean Hyman As I told you yesterday, I don’t subscribe to the pure technical trading Forex philosophy. On the contrary, I always look at a currency’s fundamentals first, so I know which currency pairs are best to “technically trade.” It’s the easiest way I know how to weed out the