Jack Crooks

FX 101: How Many Lots Should I Trade?

By Sean Hyman Remember: In the Forex market, you define your leverage by the type of “lots” you trade, so the type of account you trade determines whether you’re buying standard lots so the type of account you choose is very important.

A 180-Degree Turn, a Chance to Profit

By Sean Hyman If you’re a news junkie, then you’ve probably heard the traders on CNBC talking about buying on “pullbacks” and selling on “rallies.”

Option Envy

Part I: The Easiest Way to Crossover to Currency Options Trading

By Sean Hyman Back in the day, when I first started playing options, I thought that all you had to do was “call the right direction” and you would make money on your options trade.

Buy Currencies for Weeks, Months, Even Years

This Long-Term Profit Trigger Reveals How

By Sean Hyman Plenty of Forex traders get caught up in the daily price action in the markets. But the truth is you don’t have to trade currencies minute-by-minute, or even daily.

Forex 101: What Counts as a Trend in Foreign Currencies?

By Sean Hyman Every once in a while, I like to go back to the basics. So today, I want to take you through the ins and outs of a currency trend.

The easiest way to talk about a currency trend is to start with what’s NOT a trend. Any currency pair that’s trading in a sideways range (sideways range means that it’s a flat horizontal line on the chart).

A Summer for Currencies: Three Plays to Buy Right Now

By Eric Roseman In the absence of a major stock market decline or another financial institution blow-up this summer, it’s a safe bet to start nibbling at foreign currencies again.

For starters, we have the perfect environment for a weaker dollar. The U.S. Dollar Index (see the chart below) broke below important support levels last month. This means any dollar rally at this stage of the economic cycle should be tepid at best.

The Swiss Cried Uncle Again

(Anyone Paying Attention Made a Killing!)

By Sean Hyman On Tuesday, I told you that I believed the Swiss would soon intervene in their currency once again.

The 500% Difference

By Sean Hyman Strange but true…

Many Forex traders – even professional Forex traders – don’t trade exotic currencies.

There are several reasons why. Some traders simply don’t understand the profit potential of trading exotic currencies from smaller emerging market countries.

A Tipping Point for Russia

By Sean Hyman I love sitting back and watching exotic currencies when they near a tipping point. By that, I mean that they could easily (and quickly) go either way, depending upon how investors perceive the global economy in the near-term.

Let’s Talk Turkey

By Ashish Advani For years, Turkey has been an odd in-between country – traditionally the bridge between Europe and Asia for trading, traveling, etc. The Turkish lira itself has been an interesting currency play for Forex traders in the past.