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If A Debtor Goes Crazy, Can Creditors Still Pursue Him?

In today’s day and age, financial issues are literally breaking the backbones of common people. While most chalk out a way to deal with their debt issues, some plunge into the deep – and never able to return in a normal life. This pops up a very significant question: would a debtor be obliged to [...]

5 Exemptions Where You Don’t Need To Pay Tax on Forgiven Debt

If your creditor has forgiven, wiped out, or you somehow managed to negotiate your debt by paying less than what you owe, you have certainly waived off an immense amount of stress from your head. However, you may not be aware of the fact that the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) counts this forgiven or wiped [...]

New FTC Rules on the Horizon for Debt-Settlement Firms

The offer of settling your debts for a fraction of what you owe, sounds great, isn’t it? But, the companies that commit to help you to do this are often fraud, consumer advocacy website Debt Settlement Fraud warns. The advertisements for debt settlement are nearly irresistible; they make the debt settlement procedure sounds painless and [...]

Can a Debt Collector Reach You via Voicemail?

Things got completely twisted for the debt collection industry with the decision in Foti v. NCO Financial Systems, Inc in the year 2006. The Court in Foti concluded that each voicemail intended for a debtor must include the mini-miranda, which is a disclosure that the communication is from a debt collector. 15 U.S.C §1692e(11) The [...]

A Focus on ‘Non Profit’ Debt Relief Scam

In recent times, non-profit debt relief companies have become a much desired option for many debt stricken consumers, who are looking to tear the shackles of debt. One of the reasons behind choosing a non-profit debt relief company has always been the ‘non-profit’ tag attached with the company’ name. This ‘non-profit’ tag before their names [...]

Do Your Credit Card Debts Fade Away If You Die

Do your credit card debts die with you or pursue you into the tomb? Or, can they reappear to trouble your heirs? However, a lot of factors determine this. Among the factors the simplest part is, if the card was only yours with no joint account holders, the debt is utterly yours. If somebody dies, [...]

Debt Management services (DMP): acquire a suitable monthly payment plan

By availing a proper debt management program you can get a suitable repayment plan and budgeting tips based on your financial condition from an expert debt counselor.

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