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3 Innovative ways to track your debt

Debt – you never want to think about this four-letter word. But if you are trying not to think about it, trying to live in the state of oblivion, or if you’re not keeping track of your debt, then you’re perhaps not getting closer to become debt free. If you want to pay off your [...]

5 Concerns before getting a credit card with an annual fee

There is no doubt that nowadays most of the credit card providers are increasing the annual fees on their cards. However, there are still many cards where no annual fee is needed. Therefore, if you sign up for a new card with an annual fee, make sure the benefits are worth the cost. After the [...]

5 Interesting things that never damage your credit score

If you lose your job and/ or barren your bank account, you won’t see a blow to your credit score. Even if you refuse to pay for your rented house, your credit score won’t feel any negative effect. As long as you’re paying your bills on time, you should not be worried about your credit [...]

What happens to debt and judgments if you leave the U.S.?

What is the significance of a judgment if the debtor has left the US? Can a judgment be enforced in a foreign land? If you go on addressing the first issue, we should initially discuss whether or not a debt contract is enforceable outside the US. The answer is simply ‘No’. Again, if a U.S. [...]

9 US cities where consumers have successfully cut their debts

Did you know the cites in America that have been trying hard to do the toughest trade? The trade of cutting down their credit card debts? The consumers in the states, where recession did hit most badly, have been trying their best to bring down their credit card usages and the outstanding balances. Below find [...]

Consumer Financial Protection Bureau increases its budget for oversight functions

Richard Cordray, director of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau, announced in congressional testimony on 15 of this month that his agency plans to prepare a budget of $448 million for the next year, which is a 26% increase from its this year’s budget of $356 million. The NYTimes reports in an article that the Consumer [...]

10 Myths surrounding debt lawsuit

When you are in debt, you should think logically and prepare accordingly to get out of debt. These days, many myths surround debt. You should never pay heed to them, as they’d further take you down to debt. Below are 10 myths surrounding debt lawsuit. Read them to know if you are dealing with any. [...]

Do you need to pay taxes on debt relief?

If you are working with a debt relief company so that your creditors forgive some of your debts, then you should know something. Any debt that your creditors forgive could create another bill – a tax bill. Often, many people ask the question- “Why do I have to pay taxes when a lender forgives my [...]

Debt collection agency taken into court after calling for more than 100 times

Lufkin, Texas – After receiving over 100 phone calls, a Nacogdoches County man has dragged a debt collection agency into court for creditor harassment as per the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA). The name of the collection agency is Portfolio Recovery Associates, against whom Terry Morris filed a lawsuit on January 17 in the [...]

5 Overlooked ways to enhance your credit score

If you think you don’t have to pay attention to your credit score as you’re not going to get a mortgage in recent future, you should think again. Credit score influences many aspects of our lives – more than what you can even think of. This is why you should always pay attention toward your [...]