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Household debt tumbles to 29-year low

An assessment of the US household debt burden in the third quarter found it to be in its lowest level in 29 years, which is undoubtedly going to help free up more liquid funds for consumer spending and support the bruising economy. The household debt service ratio (an estimation of the portion of debt payments [...]

Look out for the latest payday loan scams

A payday loan or payday cash advance is a short-term, small unsecured loan that often turns up as savior at times of financial emergencies. However, while most of the payday lenders are reputed and carry out their ventures as per law, some do not. I’m afraid but simply filling out an online application to assume [...]

7 Reasons that compel you to opt for Chapter 7 bankruptcy

If you see bankruptcy filing as the one and only way out of your debt dilemma, and if you are sure of doing it, the very next question that pops up is under which bankruptcy to file. For most people who are looking to file personal bankruptcy, the choice entirely ceases down to either Chapter 7 or [...]

Debt ridden middle-class parents are losing their trust in college education

A latest Merill Edge report, a semi-annual survey that identifies core financial concerns among American adults making $50,000 to $250,000 each year, shows that 20% of the middle class parents now don’t consider investment in college education a wise decision as of the rising tuition costs and a dying job market. The report says that [...]

How to value your car in bankruptcy?

In most occasions, you can both keep your car and file for bankruptcy. The ultimate decision, however, absolutely depends on you. But, do you really? However, when I talk about your car, I really mean it. I believe it is the one you own or for which you are making monthly payments, Are you leasing [...]

Americans contribute $7.7 million to make a difference to the National Debt

Many of us have often dug into our pockets to find the leftover and handed over the amount to our parents to help them with the monthly mortgage payments or paying off the delinquent credit accounts. That is natural, right? But have you ever thought of helping the federal government to make a small difference [...]

Can you afford being a co-signer?

As the Christmas and Thanksgiving Day near, we feel our heart crying to live some happy moments with our near and dear ones. We become very keen to spend some chilly nights with our brothers, sisters, uncles, aunts, nephews, nieces before the warmth of the fireplace. The relationship that blood denotes is the strongest among [...]

Jerome Kerviel: The most indebted person in the world, owes $4.9 billion

Under the breeze of today’s dropping economy, you might find it hard to repay $5,000 even if given some period. You might try to escape leaving everything behind if you find that you need to pay off $1, 00,000 in debt. Well, I feel you should meet Jérôme Kerviel, or at least learn about him [...]

50 Million People have score of 785 & above! You?

  Have you ever wondered just like I: What is the secret of a tremendous credit score? The most trusted analyzer and preparer of credit score, the consumer arm of FICO – MyFico.com has recently published a rare report listing only those lucky folks who have made the impossible possible – who have managed to [...]

An easy guide to file bankruptcy online

If you are a non-netizen, you might amaze to know what internet can do for you these days.  It can actually do each and everything – even file your bankruptcy petition for you. Thinking how convenient it would have been – right? Well, with the growth of the internet, most private and public sectors and [...]