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Ensure your way out of crisis situations with emergency credit card

“Save up with an emergency fund” – You must have come across this advice several times. But, do you know that you can even keep a credit card safe for the emergencies? Not that it’s essential, but your emergency credit card may come in handy when you land up with unexpected financial crisis. An emergency [...]

CFPB ensures that even creditors stay fair with debt collection

The United States Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) finally puts tools in the hands of consumers to help them communicate with the debt collectors on legal terms. The CFPB announced on July 10 that it will now be accepting consumer complaints regarding illegal debt collection practices. The bureau will also publish action letters to guide [...]

Dealing With Surrender Of Property In Chapter 13

Dealing with bank creditors can be very difficult, even when you are under the protection of the Bankruptcy Court. At times the creditor/bank will not comply with the Chapter 13 bankruptcy order requiring surrender of the property. Know what can be done in such situations.

Rise in Social security tax fails to subdue consumer spending spree

The rise in Social Security taxes for the U.S. citizens had been a cause of concern amongst the economists. It was assumed that the tax increase will force the consumers to cut down their shopping habit, which might consequently have its effect on the national economy. While the U.S. consumers have already been struggling to [...]

“Will I lose my home or the savings in my home during bankruptcy?”

One of the most common questions I am faced with, during my bankruptcy consultations is, "Will I lose my home or my savings in my home?" Fortunately, for most, the answer is "NO".

Maintaining Your Rights with Respect to Debt Collectors

Debt collectors can call you day and night and pester you about paying your overdue bills. Knowing the federal rights can definitely be of help when you want to ward off collector harassment.

Federal authorities decide to restrain the unfounded debt collection drills

JPMorgan Chase had come under the federal spotlight in 2011. Further probes revealed that the company had been filing lawsuits against debtors and using faulty documents for the purpose. The enquiry opened up floodgates and the federal regulators have decided to widen their investigation. The investigation will supposedly dig deep into the files of the [...]

Sharing credit card accounts is not really an optimum choice

By now, almost everyone knows that the ‘plastic’ cards can be damaging for the finances, if they’re not used sensibly. A credit card in the wrong hands can bring about financial ruin to an individual. Therefore, sharing your credit card account with another individual is something that most consumer advocates strongly advice against. Yet, some [...]

Concerns over student debt bring new modifications

The way student loans have been costing the U.S. economy, it was time the federal government to do something about it. Now, that they have decided and imposed new mandates, the consumers must be made aware about the alterations so that they can get a solid footing. Check out the changes in the federal loan [...]

Keeping your property in a Chapter 7 bankruptcy

Consumers usually believe that with a Chapter 7 bankruptcy filing, they will lose all their property. However, most aren't aware that property exemptions are allowed under Chapter 7. The exemptions also vary from state to state.