Oak View Law Group

OVLG is glad to introduce ‘Attorney Hub’ for both lawyers and consumers

After months of effort, Oak View Law Group (OVLG) has successfully launched ‘Attorney Hub’ – a platform from which both lawyers and the consumers are going to be benefited. Being a law firm, OVLG has already been working with a huge number of attorneys; however, this ‘Attorney Hub’ is necessarily an attempt to boost the [...]

4 Questions you should ask your ageing parents about their finances

In April 2012, a survey conducted by the Ameriprise Financial group revealed that two-thirds of adult children rarely heard their parents talking about money. Bob Mauterstock, a financial planner and author says, “Parents think it’s their own private business, and children feel like they don’t want to pry,”. If you avoid the topic for too [...]

South Carolinians seek help to get rid of debt collectors

Most people hate debt collectors and creditors – and they do not even think twice before admitting the fact. If we go on assessing the consumer complaints that have been filed during the last few years, we’d be surprised to know that most of the complaints have been made against debt collectors and due to [...]

Credit cards: Significance of getting one

Finally, people are asking, if they really need a credit card to make the necessary payments. Sometimes, it seems that it’s not that much difficult to cope with cash on the go, and moreover, it might rub out all the identity theft and abusive lending practises that are making headlines these days. Moreover, the outcry [...]

Things parents should know to prevent identity theft of their kids

It began with a simple application for a credit card. Olivia McNamara, a recent high school graduate was trying to establish a credit history as she was preparing for college and waiting for her first student charge card. Unfortunately, the banks were not cooperating. All applications for credit cards were getting rejected though there was [...]

Debtor’s prison is back!

Most legal professionals and financial experts would reject the idea of debtor’s prison. They might tell you that there is nothing called debtor’s prison in today’s America. But the idea of putting people behind the bars who can’t repay their bills thrives and well in 21st-century America. Wall Street Journal reports that debt collectors in [...]

Social Security benefit of student loan borrowers gets reduced

Are you going to retire soon? Do you still have some balance left on your federal student loan? Beware! As the federal government may be targeting your Social Security wages. Though the fed has been targeting recent graduates for the student loan debt crisis; it’s focus has silently shifted to a completely different crown – [...]

Answer a credit card lawsuit without panicking

The vast majority of people, those who are not aware of the basic civil laws, get instantly nervous if they are served with a lawsuit. Read on to know how to answer a civil lawsuit without losing your nerves. Don’t panic Most of the crowd will freak out if served with a credit card lawsuit. [...]

Can debt devour your Social Security?

You may be thinking of retiring soon due to poor health reasons. At the same time you may be worried about your debt burdens as you don’t have enough money to be able to pay them off. Moreover, there will be an issue of household budgeting once you retire. You just have no clue as [...]

Sarah Palin – Upset as the debt bills is not posted on internet

We have rarely seen Sarah Palin in such a frenzy state of mind. Posing a completely different person than what she actually is, Palin straight went on the air with On the Record host Greta Van Susteren and then never looked back – without a halt, without a glitter and without making a single singular [...]