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The ins and outs of Monetizing Debt

Have you ever heard the term monetizing debt before? No, it’s not associated with reckless spending or unwise balancing of debt. Rather, monetizing debt refers to creation of more money in an economic system. If you like to know the definition of monetization of debt, its origin, what’s its significance in the US economic growth, [...]

Is Consumer Debt the Primary Reason behind the Recent Depressing Economy?

The recent economic condition in the U.S. is becoming distressing and is likely to be continued in the future. Standing on this economic surface, Mark Dow, a Wall Street money manger for Pharo Capital Management has analyzed that the root cause of these financial woes is not any regulation or Obama’s administration policy; rather it [...]

Be Aware: Debt Collection Agencies May Be Fake

Phone calls from our near and dear ones are always welcomed by us, but not from debt collection agencies. Ironically speaking, if “being in debt” is a cake, calls from debt collectors serve as icing on it. Well, if you ever receive a call from any agency identifying them as a debt collection agency, beware! [...]

IAPDA certification is getting mandatory for arbitrators

The federal and state governments are incorporating FTC Act (Section-5), FTC telemarketing sales rules and Uniform Debt Management Services Act into their legislation. With the implementation of these new laws, it will be improper and unlawful for ordinary professionals to identify themselves as debt arbitrators. Therefore, it has become very important for them to get [...]

FTC alerts the websites providing free credit report

The Federal Trade Commission has warned more than 18 websites providing free credit report that have unable to comply with the Federal rules and regulations. The FTC states that they need to disclose the fact that a free report is available under federal law. According to the amendment of the Free Credit Reports Rule by [...]

Make Your Debt Collectors Crazy

Well, sound crazy. Isn’t it? We know that in reality debt collectors turn debtors crazy by numerous collection attempts. However, you can do the same with debt collectors. The best thing to start with when a debt collector is attempting to collect from you is to remain calm. Even if the debt collector is offensive [...]

Deferred Payment Letter Of Credit- Bridging the Gap between Seller and Buyer

Deferred payment letter of credit is a well known phrase in the arena of international business transactions. Oftentimes, several issues like distance, varying import laws, their different procedures and improper communication can disrupt an international negotiation procedure. In fact, if the buyer and seller are not familiar with each other and have not got enough [...]

Obama’s Debt Reduction Plan: Savior of the U.S. from Overwhelming Debt

After the recent financial cries in the U.S., almost all individuals are experiencing various economic hardships like job loss, underemployment and wage reduction, and are incessantly facing problem in managing their finances. So in lieu of managing finances, a large number of people are drowning in the sea of debt and struggling hard to save [...]

Ways to vacate default judgment when account is frozen

What is frozen account- Frozen account defines a state when you are no longer able to access to your bank account because your creditor has brought court judgment against you for not paying his debt. This is a hard tactic that creditors employ to put pressure on you to squeeze money out of you. However, [...]

Is it possible for the military members to get debt help?

Unlike other American workers or professionals, the members of the US Armed Forces have a wider range of debt help options when compared with other citizens. The military members can avail the debt help from the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act, Armed Forces Legal Assistance Office, Installation Support Centers, and Military Relief Organizations. If you are [...]