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Are you buried by a deceased relative’s debt?

‘Death’ is a universal truth and inevitable. You may try but can’t escape from the claws of death. Whenever someone dies, often the family members start thinking about his or her unpaid mortgage bills, auto loan, credit card bills, unpaid income taxes and other debts. The answer is that the debts become a part of [...]

Significance of using a debt calculator while consolidating your debts

Nowadays, it’s very easy for anyone to acquire huge amount of debt over a short period. The skyrocketing costs of schooling, maintaining a family, medication and a variety of other expenses are pushing you more toward debt and turning your life into hell. Now, to maintain these expenses, you start using your credit cards or [...]

8 Tips to wisely handle credit card debt in 2012

2011 is past now! The happy bells of 2012 have already started ringing. However, are you thinking of adding a new and glittering credit card to your arsenal this 2012? Below are 10 tips for obtaining a brand new credit card this year and not mishandling it. 1) Know the earth below your feet: Like [...]

5 Paramount ways to combat debt during this holiday season

You may try hard, but you can’t help racking up credit card debt over the holidays. It’s just unavoidable. Therefore, you should put in place a solid plan to shed off that debt as early as possible. According to a survey conducted by the American Research Group, Americans are expected to spend $646 on average [...]

A twitter on Good debt vs. Bad debt

Living a debt-free life has become somewhat impossible these days. Today, most of us easily default on our monthly mortgage bills, student loans and other utility bills. The reason being that we have let debt go out of our control. We have lavishly exploited our credit cards to the fullest not knowing what was going [...]

5 Killer tips to combat debt during unemployment

According to recent data, the US unemployment rate has fallen to its lowest rate (8.6%) since the spring of 2009. However, in spite of the shocking drop in US unemployment rate, there are still many who are struggling to get a job. Actually, a household survey revealed that in November 315,000 people stopped searching for [...]

Erase harmful collections from your credit report

There is no doubt that if you have a collection on your credit report, it’ll hurt your credit score. Moreover, even though the consequences of a collection on your credit score get reduced with time, the entry remains on your credit report for 7 long years. Thus, also makes it difficult for you to borrow [...]

5 Debt validation steps to combat collection agency

Are collection agencies harassing you for a debt you don’t owe? Are you feeling lost, confused, helpless, and not sure how to deal the crisis? If this is the situation, debt validation could certainly be a weapon that would help you combat collection agencies. Now, you might be thinking what debt validation is all about. [...]

Get back to school without debt

Now when the winter is heading closer, it’s time to shoulder the school bags and get back to classes. Whether you are getting back to college or sending your juniors to schools, this time of the year can turn out to be very costly, especially when the Christmas is also heading closer. However, going back [...]

Are you legally responsible for your deceased spouse’s debt?

Settling a debt after the death of a spouse often turns to be a lengthy procedure than you think. Each state has its own laws regarding debt dispute and treats federal law in a similar way. The federal law covers those accounts that come under the Employment Retirement Income Security Act (ERISA). These are 401(k) [...]