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How to deal with post-vacation credit card debt

Many people refuse to compromise when it comes to planning a vacation. It is understandable that you work very hard throughout the year and you indeed deserve to unwind yourself. But that certainly does not justify spending a fortune on a fleeting vacation. Unfortunately, that’s what most people do. They use credit cards indiscriminately during [...]

Money management tips for couples

Have you got married recently? If yes, then managing joint finances properly should be high on your agenda. Here are some tips for newlywed couples: 1) Do away with unnecessary accounts: If you have several bank accounts then check if you need all of them. You should understand that having checking and savings accounts at [...]

Obama government plans mortgage reform in the U.S

The U.S has decided to revamp the mortgage system and the Obama administration has already chalked out the basic plans. The government aims to attract private capital, and end unethical mortgage practices. Federal plans also specify the demise of Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. There are plans to raise rates for government backed mortgages to [...]

Can debt snowflake be an alternative to debt relief programs?

The term debt snowflake has gained substantial popularity in the recent years. Debt snowflake is essentially a debt reduction process, and it refers to making additional small payments towards your debt. Debt snowflake can be seen as a part of debt snowball process. With debt snowflake, you make payments as per a fixed strategy (usually [...]

How to protect yourself from zombie debt collectors

Many consumers complain that they are being harassed by the creditors for debt, which they do not owe. May be you have cleared your debt through debt settlement or you might have filed bankruptcy and cleared your debt. But debt collections agencies would often make your life miserable by demanding money for debts already eliminated. [...]

Prioritize your debts to improve cash flow

In financially challenging times, increasing your cash flow can improve your monetary situation significantly. While extra sources of income can be a great way to increase your cash flow, prioritizing your debts is another effective yet overlooked solution.  There are certain types of debts which, if eliminated quickly, can boost your finances. You might not [...]