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How Student Loan programs turns to waste and raises debt?

Student loan debt crisis is not something new or unheard of. It has topped headlines since it galloped over the $1 trillion borderline, and can boast of an ever-increasing default rate. Thousands of the American citizens are down with their student debt burden. What makes it worse is that, the student debts can’t even be [...]

Chapter 128 – The legitimate bankruptcy alternative

Chapter 128 is a substitute to bankruptcy since it makes you pay the debts instead of discharging them altogether. It works more like a voluntary debt consolidation plan, which is under the supervision of the Wisconsin Circuit Court System. And there lies the glitch, that this plan is specific to the state of Wisconsin only. [...]

U.S. regulators resolve to knock off payday lending tricks

By now, most of the US citizens know that once you get into the payday loan trap, it’s extremely difficult to get out of it. A new report by the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) also affirmed the fact, as it pointed out in details that how the payday loans have been sucking the life-breath [...]

Bankruptcy in the airline industry

The United States Bankruptcy Code contemplates two alternative solutions for firms that are in financial distress and are filing for court protection: Chapter 7(Liquidation) and Chapter 11(Reorganization). While Chapter 7 allows for a court-supervised procedure, Chapter 11 allows the firm to continue operating while the it’s management restructures its business.

Beyond Flesh and Blood: Custody? Guardianship? Adoption? Which one is best for me?

Children can become victims of a system and a world that they did not create. If you decide to assist the homeless children, which would be the best option - Custody, Guardianship or Adoption?

SOL confuse all – Debtors and Creditors alike

Consumer debt burden is a major issue in the US, since thousands of the citizens are staggering under some form of debt or the other. With time being a major issue in the debt related disputes, the Statute of Limitations (SOL) holds much significance in all of the US states. However, multiple SOL seems to [...]

Considering Tax Refunds When Filing For Bankruptcy

Several factors are considered before a bankruptcy filing. This post will discuss timing and other considerations as they relate to the receipt and spending of tax refunds, when filing for bankruptcy.

FTC puts a lock on deceiving Debt Collectors from Mississippi

The Fair Debt Collection Practices Act (FDCPA) was implemented to bring an end to the unruly and unscrupulous debt collection tactics. Though it has comparatively reduced the collector harassments, it hasn’t been able to put a downright end to it. That’s mostly because, many of the US citizens aren’t aware of their rights under the [...]

US economy finally seems to be on the rise – Is yours?

Debts are being paid off – At least, that’s what the statistics show. The Federal Reserve estimates show that the household debt-service ratio fell down to 10.38 percent. This shows promise, since the ratio points out the share of debt payments to the disposable personal income of the US citizens. The reason behind 2008 economy [...]

Debt collectors take harassment to a new level

Collection calls are dreaded and can create bone-chilling effect on the debtors. It’s not misplaced fear even, and the recent revelations about the debt collector harassment can prove that. Collectors can actually be represented as the protagonist of the horror stories, since they can go to any extent to extract as much money as possible [...]